Friday, February 18, 2011

Cupcakes in Claremont

When I was little my Mum and I would often go shopping together and whenever Mum needed something really special to wear we would go to Claremont. To me going shopping there was unlike going anywhere else. The women I saw all had blow-dryed hair, wore super large sunglasses and twin sets while dripping in heavy gold and pearls. While the men would wear perfectly pressed chinos, polo shirts and leather loafers. To me everyone in Claremont looked like they were about to get on a luxury cruise liner and I loved it! At the end of our day Mum and I would always stop for afternoon tea at a little coffee shop where we would have tea and share a cake.

Now that I am an adult Claremont has always been my special outfit go to destination. Like seeing all the beautiful people virtually guaranteed I would find something fantastic. Bayview Tce and St Quentin Ave had a unique vibe all of their own totally unmatched by suburban Mc Mega Malls.

So today while off work I went to the newly built Claremont Quarter excited by the prospect of having so many of my favourite labels all in one place. But as I walked down St Quentin Ave I saw to my left the new Mall and the way it made the rest of the shops on the right look so tatty. I felt a real sense of sadness. Like somehow the new mall had eaten up all of my fond memories, and replaced them with another soulless shopping experience. To me mega malls are the casino of shopping experiences. You park underground in the dark, you are inside the whole time with no fresh air and there are never any clocks. And sadly this Mall despite its location is exactly the same. Except this time the David Jones has Chloe and Jimmy Choo and high end Aussie labels Zimmermann and Sass&Bide have also set up shop.

Now of course there is probably much to love about the new Claremont Quarter and when I go back to buy my new Winter fashion hopefully I will have gotten over my feelings of loss of the Claremont that was. But as I walked around today I couldn't help but feel that should I ever have a daughter she would never feel the way about Claremont that I once did.

But don't worry folks all the beautiful labels with their new Winter ranges will perk me up. I saw loads of items I wanted.

I just need some time.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

So this is me!

For a long time now I have wanted to write a blog to celebrate the unique style landscape of Perth. Not only fashion which for as long as I can remember I've had an intense (enough to keep you up at night) obsession for but also food, bars (cocktails cocktails cocktails and a great scotch!) and of course our beautiful coast.

In the last few years Perth and the suburbs close to the GPO have been experiencing subtle changes. Nowadays your own suburb (well not everyone's) has a nightlife and a semi stylish day-life. There are fashionable boutiques not just boutiques with fashion, great coffee and a vibe that makes you think that maybe Perth could be on the verge of almost cool. Really? No Really!

I'll be using some of my best girls and guys as inspiration - though they don't know it yet.

So this is a blog about loving all things gorgeous, stylish and a girl (ME) with Perth-onality.